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Play games for Bitcoin, bring superpowers to your community, collect tips on your stream and a whole lot more. This is the one tool you'll need to start playing for Bitcoin.


Voltage Cloud

With Voltage you can spin up a Lightning Network node or BTCPay Server in just minutes. It runs in the cloud on enterprise-grade hardware. This is a great option for a quick and easy deployment.

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Umbrel makes it easy to build and setup your own Lightning Node that runs on a Raspi or a Linux computer. Umbrel comes with its own app store which features the most popular open source Lightning software.

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A hardware wallet is the safest way to manage your bitcoins. Trezor has been audited by security researchers, verified by a long track record, designed for ease-of-mind, and provides expert customer support.

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Start 9 Embassy

Embassy is an elegant, plug-and-play personal server for running powerful, open-source services like Bitcoin, Lightning, data storage, password management, instant messaging, social networking, and more.

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Open Node

OpenNode powers Bitcoin and Lightning payments for businesses everywhere. Get instant, lowest-cost BTC payments and payouts with our powerful API, e-commerce plugins, no-code buttons, or Hosted Checkout.

Visit Open Node is a platform where you can get paid doing small tasks, or microtasks, to earn Bitcoin. The website facilitates payments through the Lightning Network.



LQwD (TSXV: LQWD, OTC: LQWDF) has secured 100 plus Bitcoin and using its holdings to establish nodes and payment channels on the Lightning Network, and to operate its Platform-as-a-service that makes it easy for companies to integrate and use the Lighting Network.

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LN Cash is a Lightning Network service which allows creating secret links containing Bitcoin. Once a link has been created and paid for, a unique url is generated which can be shared with anyone who may claim it and receive bitcoin.

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LN.Capital builds capital management software for lightning routing nodes. Their product, Torq is specifically designed for routing nodes to help track what's relevant, stop guessing and to stay in control.

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Lightning Roulette

Open source European Bitcoin Lightning Network Roulette with a provably fair algorithm. Send and receive SATs over the Lightning Network to play.

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Lightning Junkies

Podcast dedicated to the Bitcoin Lightning Network. It aims to increase financial freedom throughout the world by educating about this breakthrough technology and helping people get on board.

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Kevin Rooke Show

Interviews with the builders bringing the Lightning Network to life.

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Fixed Float

Instant, hassle-free, secure, cross-platform, and fully automatic cryptocurrency exchange with Bitcoin Lightning Network support and fully transparent fees.

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Bitcoin and Lightning wallet focused on making Bitcoin fun, usable and for anyone. Besides receiving, sending and storing Bitcoin, you can also create watch-only wallets, multisig vaults, and create multipe fake storages for forced disclosure situations.

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Bleskomat is the next gen Bitcoin Lightning ATM: Instant payments, low fees, and easy setup. The Bleskomat is a powerful tool for community-driven on-boarding in cafes, bars, food trucks, festivals, and more.

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At Bitrefill, you can buy many things from phone top ups, and gift cards to incoming LN channels. They accept LN payments natively. Use the referral link and spend $50, so we both get $5 in SATs.

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Bitcoin for the Masses

After nearly a decade in the educational content space, Jonathan Levi decided to focus his attention on Bitcoin and Lightning - specifically, how to help everyday people understand and join this massive revolution. On his channel, he shares easy-to-understand materials on all things Bitcoin.

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Alby is your gateway to Bitcoin Lightning applications. It is a Bitcoin Lightning wallet and browser extension that lets you connect your own Lightning wallet and transact on the Bitcoin Lightning Network with your regular browser with ease.

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