Final hardware updates and network rework.

Posted 24 days ago by | Shibuya Gateway

We are working on a final set of hardware updates and a fix to the TOR network issues we are having. Our node will be offline for public peers for 24h - which will allow us to finish our hardware testing & software testing before we go live again.

Thank you for your patience. team


Shtacks_City wrote 17 days ago

Are you still down?

kalsmekwq wrote 14 days ago

Please give us some update, as it is down for a few days already.

kalsmekwq wrote 12 days ago

Is your node down indefinitely? Please give us some light.

03c227a9003c1b2d176f wrote 8 days ago

Still down, update please.

Nashville Hot Chicken

Nashville Hot Chicken wrote 8 days ago

hello please let us know when you're coming back we really don't wanna force close right now

kalsmekwq wrote 7 days ago

No news and still down for more than 10 days, force closing in 24h if no info of what is going on.

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