triangle shape over clouds


Opening Channels

Triangle Capacity

100,000 SAT

0.1M SAT / 0.001 BTC

Spaces Available


All 3 spaces are filled

Channel Duration

3 months or more

Open at least till: February 25, 2022

Channel Opens Started

10 days ago

48 hour deadline passed

Participant Restrictions

As reported in your profile, which updates every hour.


3 channels

Minimum number of channels


This is a Bitcoin Lightning Network liquidity swap, designed to help LN node operators generate both outgoing and incoming liquidity, increase connectivity and decentralization of the network.

Swap ID: 5101 was created on November 25, 2021 by krystian.

What to Do Next?

This Swap is closed for applications. Please find another Swap, and sign in to join or start a new one.

Node A

Opening Channel

Applied 10 days ago and last seen 10 days ago.

Has 449,500 SAT capacity in 4 channels.

Rank: 5 / Titanium Node.

A will open to B

Node B

Channel Opened

Applied 10 days ago and last seen 3 days ago.

Has 40,909,996 SAT capacity in 33 channels.

Rank: 5 / Titanium Node.

B have opened to C

Node C

Opening Channel

Applied 10 days ago and last seen about 18 hours ago.

Has ~2.787 BTC capacity in 123 channels.

Rank: 7 / Silver Node.

C will open to A



WOWWOW wrote 10 days ago

I'm getting this error code in RTL for my channel connection:
"Tor general error"



Bitnoob wrote 9 days ago

I opened my channel to node C (WOWWOW). Set my fees at 1 sat/virtual byte. So, may take upto 24 hours for channel to open.
@WOWWOW - You have a well funded node with huge channels.


WOWWOW wrote 9 days ago

I'm still getting the same error message listed above.


WOWWOW wrote 8 days ago

I'll be out of town the next 48 hours. I just tried to add as a peer again and it was a no go. I'll try again on Monday.


WOWWOW wrote 4 days ago

Still getting an error code. I'm going to balance with Node b and call it a day


Bitnoob wrote 3 days ago

@WOWWOW. Do you want me to set my base fees to zero before you balance? Also, why can't you wait as two of the three channels in this triangle are not open yet?


WOWWOW wrote about 18 hours ago

I can wait. I just keep getting the same error message when I try to connect


WOWWOW wrote about 18 hours ago

Kry....Hasn't been active in 9 days

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