About LN+

Lightning Network Plus (LN+) is a free web app that helps the users of the Bitcoin Lightning Network organize themselves and create liquidity swap triangles, squares and pentagons, in order to create outgoing and incoming liquidity. Such liquidity swaps are also referred to as Ring of Fire.

By default when somebody creates a Bitcoin Lightning Network node, they can use their bitcoins to open channels to other nodes to create outgoing liquidity, thus they can spend SATs to pay for invoices. However, they would not be able to receive bitcoins on LN, until they have spent some bitcoins on their channels. In order to receive bitcoins on LN, they will need somebody to open a channel towards them. Such an incoming channel will have incoming capacity.

This site helps people organize groups of node operators to open channels to each. Operators will not only open bidirectional channels between two participants, instead LN+ helps 3 to 5 users connect to each other in a circle (or 2 users directly). This way each participant of such a liquidity swap will have incoming and outgoing capacity to each participant by doing a single channel open, and nobody will have duplicated channels between each other.

By joining a liquidity swap, you not only double your channels and the total capacity of your node, you will also increase the routing fees you will earn.

Finally, and for many people most importantly, liquidity swaps help people get onboarded to LN, to give them financial sovereignty and dignity. Especially in regions where traditional banking is not accessible to some.

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