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Hurricane Ian

Posted 2 days ago by 02BRAVOBRAVO

Hello, unfortunately I am located within the areas affected by hurricane Ian. I will probably lose power at some point and it could last for days and unfortunately my node will be down if that happens. I will have it back up as soon as we get power back up, so please don't close the channels you have with me because my node is offline, it's only temporary.

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Need Inbound

Posted 3 days ago by qjus-germany-lnd03

If you want to help me, feel free to open a channel to my Node. 

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Node down due to upgrade

Posted 4 days ago by ⚡LightThisNow⚡

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Node Potentially Offline

Posted 6 days ago by BitcoinKeegan

My node will likely be offline for multiple hours between the dates of Sept 23rd and 25th or longer due to the impact of Hurricane Fiona on Atlantic Canada.

My node will be back online as soon as my region has power and internet. Please don't close your channels with me. Thank you for your patience.

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Bitcoin Seminare

Posted 10 days ago by

Bitcoinausbildung in der Schweiz siehe

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AI generated profile picture

Posted 11 days ago by SpicyAvocado

Want a sick profile picture for your node? Try out stable-diffusion, a text to image diffusion model

My profile picture is a result of the input promp: "a painting of a spicy avocado on fire"

You can even run it on an M1 mac, no need for an external GPU:

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Posted 12 days ago by FlyerOne

Feel free to create a channel. zero base fee actively managed node

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Hardware failure

Posted 12 days ago by biscoint

We had hardware failure that corrupted our channels. Please force any channels that you have with our node.

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Fast as ⚡️!

Posted 14 days ago by Sunny Sarah

I'm back after a big hardware upgrade. Now fast as ⚡️ ! You can check new latency ( for example, " bos probe 03423790614f023e3c0cdaa654a3578e919947e4c3a14bf5044e7c787ebd11af1a " ). You will be surprised 😉

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Posted 16 days ago by madbaker

If code be soundest money in the world then code will be the new law. CODE > STATE.

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Channel Rebalancing

Posted 16 days ago by Zenos

I am trying to learn how to balance the channels that I open up with people here. Example if I open a 1,000,000 channel I will try to balance 500k on each side, but I am still learning. This should help people have liquidity on both incoming and outgoing . Any questions you have please feel free to message me.

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