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Liquidity for times of high on-chain fees

Posted 2 days ago by ViñaDelMarBTC

It is important to avoid closing channels as much as possible. In my node I have mostly empty channels. Technically I cannot send a lot of bitcoin with them, but I can receive and store a lot. This is a good buffer for when I need to receive bitcoin in a cheap way when on-chain fees are high. Also since this node is serving family and friends, they can accept cheap bitcoin as well through the LNBits instance they can use to manage bitcoin. The moral here is, always run your own node, and do not close channels, since their value is not in their current liquidity, but in the future liquidity and cheap transactions they will enable. 

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LND load issues

Posted 5 days ago by EnduraUmb-I

Several (mainly TOR) channels were automatically closed due to LND issues. I observed very high CPU load as soon as LND Web GUI is open. Several TOR channels were impacted. I will slowly reopen new channels (clearnet). I will keep also TOR open to connect to my node.

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Posted 5 days ago by

 I am alive and well.

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Save your tears for another day

Posted 8 days ago by NodeMTAsul

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Introducing ZapTower🗲♜: Your Trusted Watchtower Service for Lightning Network

Posted 19 days ago by frznode

We are excited to announce that ZapTower🗲♜, our highly efficient watchtower service for the Lightning Network, is now ready for use! As watchtowers play a crucial role in securing Lightning Network payment channels, ZapTower🗲♜ is here to provide you with peace of mind and enhanced security for your funds.

Watchtowers serve as vigilant guardians, continuously monitoring the state of your payment channels to detect any potential security breaches or fraudulent activities. With ZapTower🗲♜, you can trust that your channels are being safeguarded, even when you are offline or temporarily disconnected from the network.

To learn more about how to utilize the ZapTower🗲♜ service and ensure the security of your Lightning Network channels, please visit our dedicated webpage at This page provides step-by-step instructions on how to set up and configure ZapTower🗲♜, ensuring seamless integration with your Lightning Network operations.
We also want to mention that offers a range of proposed use cases for utilizing watchtower services. Visit to explore others ways to join watchtowers for enhanced Lightning Network security and efficiency. 

Remember, the primary tasks of a watchtower are to monitor your channels, respond to security threats, and initiate necessary actions to protect your funds. With ZapTower🗲♜, you can rely on a robust and efficient solution that is designed to enhance the security of your Lightning Network experience.

Stay tuned for updates and additional features as we continue to evolve and improve the ZapTower🗲♜ service. We are committed to providing you with a reliable and secure watchtower solution, empowering you to participate in the Lightning Network with confidence.

Don't wait any longer! Secure your Lightning Network channels with ZapTower🗲♜ today and experience the enhanced security and peace of mind that comes with knowing your funds are protected.

#ZapTower #LightningNetwork #WatchtowerSecurity #EnhancedProtection #Watchtower

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Watchtower in the Lightning Network

Posted 19 days ago by frznode

Watchtowers are an important service in the Lightning Network. Their main purpose is to protect users from potential fraud or attacks from their channel partners.

In practice, watchtowers are services that constantly monitor users' payment channels. If a node on the network attempts to send a fraudulent transaction through a channel, the watchtower intervenes immediately by sending an emergency closing transaction to safeguard the funds of the involved users.

Watchtowers are particularly useful for users who cannot constantly monitor their payment channels, such as when they are offline for an extended period. In such cases, the watchtower continues to monitor the channel on their behalf and takes action if any issues arise.

To use a watchtower, users usually need to specify the watchtower's address as an additional recipient in their channel opening transaction. This way, the watchtower is notified of any attempted fraud by the channel partner and can promptly intervene to protect the user's funds.

For users seeking reliable watchtower services, it is recommended to explore websites like and consider utilizing services such as ZapTower. These platforms offer dedicated watchtower solutions with established reputations within the Lightning Network community. However, it's always important to conduct thorough research and exercise caution when selecting and utilizing watchtower services to ensure the security and trustworthiness of the chosen provider.

In summary, watchtowers are a valuable tool for protecting user funds in the Lightning Network. While they may involve an additional expense, the security and peace of mind they provide can more than compensate for the cost.

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⚡ Unveiling Our 3rd Liquidity Swap! 🔄

Posted 21 days ago by ⚡₿lyskawica Nod∑⚡

qsuareswap.png 199 KB

Hello, Lightning Network Plus community! 🖐️
We're excited to share the news of our 3rd Liquidity Swap. 💎💰

By becoming a part of this swap, you can strengthen your node's connectivity, improving the reliability of your transactions on the Lightning Network.
Each participant's contribution brings us one step closer to a more robust Lightning Network. ⚡

Interested? We warmly welcome you to join us in this liquidity swap. 🌐🔄

         To join the liquidity swap, simply visit this page
║                                     ⚡₿lyskawica Nod∑⚡                               ║
║                             👋 You're welcome to join us!                        ║
║                                          🗲🔄 3rd Swap                                            ║
║                      🌐 [Clearnet/TOR]   📅 6 Months                        ║
║                 🤑 20000sat Liquidity [Swap Capacity]                ║

Together, we can make the Lightning Network stronger. 🤝🔗 
We're committed to providing a smooth and secure experience on our network. 🛡️⚡ 
Stay tuned for more updates! 📣💫

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⚡ Launching Our First Lightning Network Watchtower!🗼

Posted 21 days ago by ⚡₿lyskawica Nod∑⚡

lightning_watchtower.jpg 53.3 KB
Hello, Lightning Network Plus community! 🖐️

We're super excited to announce the addition of our first Lightning Network Watchtower! 🏰
This is a significant step forward in enhancing our node's security, acting like a vigilant guardian around the clock. 👀

When a peer tries to unfairly close a channel while you're offline, the Watchtower swoops in like a superhero! 🦸‍♂️
It does this by:

  • Detecting the outdated channel close
  • Issuing a justice transaction

This process ensures that your funds remain safe. 💰

The best part? Watchtowers on LN can only issue this justice transaction when an attack is detected and they can't modify the transaction.
This means you don't need to trust the watchtower, just add it to your node. You can even add more than one! 🏰🏰

To learn more about how watchtowers work and how to add them to your node, check out our Guide on LND Watchtowers.

We're fully committed to ensuring a seamless and secure experience on our network. 🛡️⚡ 
Stay tuned for more exciting updates! 📣💫

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Posted about 1 month ago by Hadaikum

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Hadaikum - Die Erde wird fest

Posted about 1 month ago by Hadaikum

Das Hadaikum beginnt mit der Entstehung der Erde vor rund 4,54 Milliarden oder 4540 Millionen Jahren. Aus dieser Zeit gibt es keinerlei geologischen Überlieferung. In dieser Zeit bilden sich der Erdkern und der Mantel. Die Erde wird unablässig von Meteoriten bombardiert, ein großer Himmelskörper reißt das Material für den Mond heraus. Mit der Zeit kühlt die Erde ab und das Bombardement lässt nach. Das Hadaikum endet mit der Entstehung der ältesten heute gefunden Steine vor rund 4000 Millionen Jahren und geht über ins Archaikum.

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Let's buidl hard money together!

Posted about 1 month ago by Hadaikum

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