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Bitcoin is here to stay

Posted 2 days ago by

If anything is worth doing, do it with all your heart.

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Temporary offline

Posted 4 days ago by Trepnick

Temporary offline due to hard disk failure.

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Fee rate of swap partners

Posted 11 days ago by Bitnoob

Is it useful to know the fee rate of participating nodes in a swap before joining? 
I notice that some of my partner nodes in the swaps I joined have very high fee rates of 2000 - 4000 sats. I thought that funds will not be transmitted via these partner nodes as often. However, I do find that these channels still transmit lightning payments in significant numbers.
I wonder if the lightning network prioritizes liquidity and connectivity of nodes rather than fee rates of individual nodes when transmitting lightning payments. 

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bitcoin job

Posted 13 days ago by runningrock

if anyone is looking for a mechanical engineer with 8 years of experience and 2 degrees, please let me know

looking to get out of the fiat world and help promote and execute with Bitcoin
full time
remote position (or subject to agreeable terms)
and Bitcoin only

let's change the world for the better

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groove the fuck out

Posted 20 days ago by madbaker

buy our music with lightning

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closing channels

Posted 25 days ago by zeusmczeusman

Sorry guys I'm closing all my channels. I'm not getting any usage and I'd like to switch from LND to C-lightning.

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scheduled maintenance

Posted about 1 month ago by SCORPION



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Temporary shutdown

Posted about 1 month ago by FOTON

Due to technical reasons, I need to shutdown Foton. I hope to be back soon

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Temporary Closing

Posted about 1 month ago by gluon

Hello.  Unfortunately I have been forced to shutdown Gluon for a while. I am very sorry for all the nodes who opened a channel and I had to close. Hopefully I will be back in a while. Best, G  

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Running Bitcoin

Posted about 1 month ago by Satadel

To provide lightning channels and proactively ensuring onramps to the future world economy when block space is limited is paramount. The best time to build is in the bear market. I see you, 2023 and forward!

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Discord Server

Posted about 2 months ago by CrunchyCrypto

I am learning, you are learning, everyone is learning, let's learn together.

Join us on Discord

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6 reasons why you want to close a bitcoin lightning network channel

Posted about 2 months ago by LN+

Frequently Asked Question: Do I have to close my bitcoin lightning channels after some time?

Answer: No, you can keep channels open indefinitely. Many channels on the network are years old, and still working perfectly fine. There are 6 special situations when you want to close a channel listed below.

1. You absolutely NEED sats that are on your channel on chain instead. Examples for why:
  • The Bitcoin price went 10x, thus you want to put sats in cold storage.
  • You have to pay somebody on-chain.

2. Your peer went OFFLINE for a long time (9+ days), thus the channel is useless to receive or send. Also, if you both go offline, you may not be able to recover the sats in the channel. Don't be too hasty closing inactive channels, sometimes it takes a few days to fix a node.

3. You accumulated too many channels over time (100+), and your node is struggling to process all the traffic. This can happen on weaker hardware. Reducing channels fixes the problem.

4. You want to move your sats to a new node and you're not comfortable moving channel states files, or have no ability to do so. For example, when switching implementations (LND > CLN or vice versa).

5. You are going on a long sabbatical to a location without stable internet and/or electricity. Lightning nodes require to be online most of the time, unless you have a channel with a trusted node you agree with not to force-close you.

6. You're running a profit oriented routing node and a channel is not routing, but it is locking up funds (sats are on your side). Close and open to another node to make profit, unless you agreed to keep the channel open for a specific amount of time. You may also want to close & reopen to the same peer a larger channel if it was profitable.

If you can think of other reasons why you would want to close a bitcoin lightning network channel, please add a comment.

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