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Unconventional Use Cases of the Lightning Network

Posted about 4 hours ago by LN+

The Lightning Network, built upon Bitcoin's infrastructure, possesses unique attributes that facilitate opportunities unattainable through traditional payment channels or even Bitcoin itself. These attributes include:

  • Permissionless Access: Anyone with internet access can utilize a Lightning wallet, regardless of age, social status, or geographical location.
  • Efficiency: Transfers over the Lightning Network are remarkably cheap, often costing a mere fraction of a cent.
  • Speed: Transactions are nearly instantaneous, typically completed in a second or two.
  • Streamability: Payments can be extremely small and frequent.
  • Hard Currency: The network deals in Satoshis, which are fractions of Bitcoin – the most robust form of digital money, highly sought after globally.

Here's a dive into the imaginative business applications enabled by these features:

Real-Time Data Streaming Payments

The Lightning Network allows for dynamic pricing in real-time data services like live feeds or stock tickers. Users can pay per second or minute, ideal for AI models requiring sporadic data access, bypassing the need for continuous subscription models.

Pay-Per-Use Software Features

Imagine a photo editing software where basic functions are free, but advanced features are available via microtransactions. Users pay only for the time they use these enhanced tools, offering flexibility and cost-efficiency.

In-Game Actions and Events

Lightning can revolutionize in-game economies, allowing players to use micropayments for special areas, events, or even player-to-player transactions. This system could attract gamers and entrepreneurs focused on enhancing gaming experiences.

IoT Device Interactions

In the IoT world, devices could autonomously transact for services or data. For instance, a smart car could pay for real-time traffic updates, or households could earn Satoshis by sharing electricity usage data, akin to TV viewership metrics.

Crowdsourced Research and Data Collection

Participants in data collection projects could receive micro-compensations for each data point they provide, such as survey responses or mobile sensor data.

Public Wi-Fi Access Time

Users could pay precisely for the Wi-Fi or cellular data they use, with automated systems finding the best available rates for secure internet access.

Micropayment-based Charity Donations

The network enables minuscule, frequent donations to numerous deserving causes, broadening the scope of charitable giving.

Pay-Per-View Educational Content

Students could access specific lectures or resources on a pay-as-you-go basis, allowing for targeted learning without the expense of full courses.

Pay-as-You-Read E-Books

Develop an e-book platform where payments are made per page or chapter, encouraging exploration without the commitment of full purchase prices.

Automated Micropayments for Content Attribution

This model would allow for automated, small-scale payments for using digital content elements, a currently impractical task due to the transaction frequency and amount.

Micropayment-based Environmental Actions

Create a platform rewarding eco-friendly actions with small payments, like recycling or reducing energy consumption, incentivizing sustainable behaviors. Drop an empty aluminum can to a box, get an LNURL QR code to get sats.

Dynamic Pricing for Digital Advertisements

Revolutionize digital advertising with a model where payments are based on actual views or engagements, eliminating intermediary entities.

Pay-Per-Use Home Appliances

Offer home appliances on a pay-per-use basis, reducing upfront costs and allowing flexible management, like a home-based, pay-as-you-go laundry service.

Decentralized Content Fact-Checking Platform

Develop a platform where users can submit content for verification, rewarding those who provide accurate information.

Each of these ideas leverages the power of micropayments to foster innovation across various sectors. From transportation to environmental sustainability, and healthcare to education, the Lightning Network opens new avenues for community engagement and benefit. This is a call to action: draw inspiration from these concepts, build on Bitcoin and the Lightning Network, and launch your venture in 2024.

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new node

Posted about 24 hours ago by honey

after working around for a save set up after my raspi setup crashed and was a pain. i moved to a mini pc and amd64. works fine and is reliable. i hope for a RAIDEN system to mirro my ssd. otherwise this is a routing nnode to connect! Stack your sats on your own node.

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Clearing a ghost channel from umbrel

Posted 1 day ago by Midas

I found this guide from
and the abandonchannel command described at
To access the command line interface for interacting with your Lightning node, follow these steps:
    Connect to your Umbrel device by following the instructions in How to SSH into umbrelOS on Umbrel Home or Rasberry Pi or by accessing a terminal on your Linux machine.
    Run the following command*. If you are on a Linux machine, you may need to replace ~/umbrel with the path to your installation directory, as described in Troubleshooting on Linux:
    sudo ~/umbrel/scripts/app compose lightning exec lnd lncli <command>
    *Replace <command> with any of the lncli commands, such as getinfo.
So, for this case using the ghost channel info:
sudo ~/umbrel/scripts/app compose lightning exec lnd lncli abandonchannel "TXID" "OUTPOINT" --i_know_what_i_am_doing

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MYNode is up and running

Posted 4 days ago by sugar🔥⚡

i am sorry about that my Raspisetup crashed and all channels are - i don´t really know. anyways all channels before the 1. december 2023 are to be closed please when the fees allow this. The new node is a minipc ´running with amd64 and reliable as hell.  thank you

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MyNodes are back up

Posted 4 days ago by sugar🔥⚡

I built a minipc with 16GB and 2TB MvMe for sugar now. It runs with MyNode amd64 . It is a peach .  So all old channels still need to be closed when the fees are low. Thank you 
Raspberries are not the thing to use for a routing node

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(Temporarily) Disabled TOR as accepted connection in settings here

Posted 4 days ago by EnduraUmb-I


was jsut again wondering why so many channels (10%) are offline on my node. Internet and node seems to work - only saw high CPU on TOR processes. Then checked all of the offline channelpartners via LNRouter. All of them were pure TOR nodes and all were showing instable connections (more than 50&% offline).
==> I decided to disable TOR in LN+ settings at least temporarly as it is not the first time TOR causing issues :(

thanks for your understanding

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Suffering from a force closure bug in LND, I'm sorry :C

Posted 6 days ago by Fopstronaut

This bug seems to have taken 3 of my channels. I'm sorry in advance, when it gets fixed I'll start reaching out and re-opening.

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Introducing the New LN+ Dashboard

Posted 6 days ago by LN+

Over the past two years, LN+ has significantly expanded its features. To streamline your experience in managing your node on LN+, we are excited to introduce a comprehensive Dashboard. This single-page interface connects you to numerous useful pages, offering a variety of reports, views, and functionalities, including several brand-new features.

Access the dashboard by clicking the "Dashboard" button on the top right if you're signed in to LN+.

LN+ Dashboard (Light Theme)

New Page Descriptions:

  1. Channels: Pending Opening – This page provides a consolidated summary of all channels you are preparing to open on LN+, including those for Liquidity Swaps and Pool Credit Transactions. Instead of navigating through multiple individual pages, this one-stop page allows you to manage everything efficiently.
  2. Channels: Active Obligations – Here, you'll find a list of all channels that you need to maintain open to fulfill your commitments across different services on LN+. It helps ensure you do not breach any agreements.
  3. Channels: Concluded Obligations – This section displays all the channels you can optionally close, as the agreements' end times across various LN+ services have been met. While there's no need to close these channels immediately (in fact, keeping them open longer is beneficial), you have the option if you wish.
  4. Liquidity Swaps: All Agreements List – This page offers a detailed table of all your Liquidity Swap agreements, including information about the nodes involved in each swap. It's particularly helpful for locating specific liquidity swaps based on the node's alias.
  5. Liquidity Swaps: Active Agreements – View a grid of cards representing all active Liquidity Swaps, where the agreement's end date has not yet been reached. Keeping these swaps active involves maintaining the associated channels open.
  6. Liquidity Swaps: Concluded Agreements – Similar to the above, this grid of cards shows all Liquidity Swaps where the agreement has concluded, meaning the end date has passed. Channels in these swaps can be closed without negatively impacting your reputation.

We always appreciate your feedback, especially regarding any functionality issues. Please report any problems so we can promptly address them. Thank you for your continued support of LN+!

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A sincere thank you!

Posted 8 days ago by Studio314

I just want to share my moment of gratitude to all of you who have opened channels to my node and let me open channels to theirs. I look forward to working with everyone to grow and expand the lightning network. Hopefully I can work some magic in my local community to onboard more people. Have a great day everyone!

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New Community Announcement - Censorship Free Eros Payments

Posted 8 days ago by CHILLYCALENDAR

Dear Fellow Lightning Network Node Operators,

I hope it's OK for me to announce this here.  I have created a new community over on Amboss Space for Bitcoin Lightning Network node operators that would like to help support the payments of businesses involved in providing sex related products and services or adult entertainment including sex work, strip clubs, host and hostess clubs, online adult entertainment and so on. 

The link to the community is:

I want to create a network of lightning network nodes that are committed to achieving censorship free payments for the sex industry worldwide to permanently solve the issue of debanking and payments censorship for the industry and to use this as a test case for other industries that have similar issues with payments censorship and banks. 

The overarching goal of the community is to create a network of sex industry and sex industry friendly lightning nodes connected to each other with payment channels open between nodes so the sex industry globally can process payments 100% free from censorship.  Payments that cannot be blocked, censored or frozen. 

My ultimate goal: A Bitcoin Lightning Network node located (or providing services to) every major red light district in the world. 

I maintain a website where I have created an interactive map of lightning nodes that have joined me in this quest:

If you're interested in this please join my new community on and I will add your node to the map on my website.

You can learn more about my open source project Bitcoin is for Everyone on my YouTube channel:

Kind Regards,


Clarke Towson
INTJ Billing

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Bitcoin in Layers: An Overview of the Ecosystem

Posted 9 days ago by LN+

In recent years, the Bitcoin Lightning Network has emerged as a prominent second layer payment system, augmenting the main Bitcoin blockchain. However, not everyone globally can or will operate their own Lightning node, due to factors like channel management fees and the technical complexity involved. With insufficient on-chain transaction capacity to directly serve billions of people and businesses, the evolution of multiple layers atop the Lightning Network and side chains is anticipated to meet global needs. Here's a breakdown of these layers and different types of Lightning Network nodes:

Bitcoin On-Chain

  • Function: Acts as the fundamental layer for monetary transactions, predominantly for savings and enabling payment layers through smart contracts.
  • Users: Several million private and business entities.
  • Technology: Basic Bitcoin full node.
  • Benefits: Highly secure and straightforward to operate.
  • Risks: Transactions can be costly and slow when the fees are high.

Side Chain Solutions

  • Function: Offers an on-chain-like experience with fewer drawbacks. Example: Liquid and Rootstock.
  • Users: Those needing confidential, offline and large bitcoin transactions.
  • Technology: Simple wallets or a sidechain node.
  • Benefits: Easy handling of any transaction amount. Cheap and relatively fast.
  • Risks: Potential risks with the sidechain federation.

Routing Lightning Node

  • Function: Facilitates payment routing across the Lightning Network.
  • Users: Services numerous Lightning nodes for payment routing.
  • Technology: A lightning node with hundreds of channels of varying sizes.
  • Benefits: Quick, reliable, and potentially revenue-generating through routing fees and selling channels.
  • Risks: Resource-intensive in terms of time and money. Lots of funds in hot wallets.

Non-Custodial Merchant or Exchange Lightning Node

  • Function: Geared towards businesses for receiving and occasionally sending larger payments.
  • Users: Businesses and bitcoin exchanges.
  • Technology: Node with sizable channels to mostly routing nodes.
  • Benefits: Low costs and risks, efficient and dependable payment for customers.
  • Risks: Requires continuous maintenance.

Custodial Wallet and Merchant Payment Lightning Node

  • Function: Optimized for high-frequency, bidirectional payments.
  • Users: Businesses catering to millions of clients.
  • Technology: Robust nodes linked to Routing Lightning Nodes and merchants run by professional node infra operators.
  • Benefits: Revenue from transaction fees and value-added services.
  • Risks: Security concerns due to large customer funds.

Family and Small Business Lightning Node

  • Function: Provides Lightning Network connectivity for a closed user group.
  • Users: Family or small business associates.
  • Technology: Nodes with private or high-fee channels to discourage routing and associated risks. Uses LNBits or similar account management software to separate out accounts.
  • Benefits: Low cost and risk, with stable performance.
  • Risks: Partial trust required for users.

Hobby Lightning Node

  • Function: Personal nodes for individual or small business use. For example Umbrel or Phoenix wallet.
  • Users: Private individuals.
  • Technology: Few channels connected to relevant nodes.
  • Benefits: Trust-free operation and full control over capacity and funds.
  • Risks: Limited receiving capacity unless incoming channels are purchased.

Fully Custodial Accounts

  • Function: Instant wallets for sending and receiving payments. Ex. Wallet of Satoshi or Speed Wallet.
  • Users: Private individuals and small businesses.
  • Technology: Basic wallets without a dedicated node.
  • Benefits: Easy to use, no maintenance required. Access to various value added services, such as a bridge to debit card systems, stable coins, gift cards, mobile top-up systems, subscription services, etc.
  • Risks: Dependence on custodian security. All funds and payment related meta information is at risk.

In conclusion, these layers collectively cater to a diverse range of needs, offering various benefits and risks. Continuous enhancements and new developments in the Bitcoin ecosystem are expected to further improve these layers and introduce novel solutions eventually allowing the entire world to be onboarded to the Bitcoin ecosystem.

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Next goals for this node

Posted 11 days ago by EnduraUmb-I

- Increase capacity to 2BTC (outgoing min. 1BTC)
- Fokus on clearnet nodes
- Avoid unstable node connections
- Minimum Channelsize 3MSAT - I might replace small channels next year

Or complete shutdown (very unlikley) in case this annoying automated closures of channel is continuing :(  ?!
I hate it, if you cannot control things by yourself.

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