Lightning Network Plus (LN+) is a free web app that helps the users of the Bitcoin Lightning Network organize themselves and create liquidity swap triangles, squares and pentagons, in order to create inbound and outbound liquidity, double their channel capacity, and subsequently increase their routing fees. Check out the features the site has to offer.

Rich Node Profile

Create a node profile that has your Bitcoin Lightning Network node information, and other optional public information about you. We will automatically update your node information as soon as the information hits the gossip network.

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Post Updates

Post updates to your node profile. Inform other node operators about developments regarding your node. Post tips or news you're excited about, and get to know other plebs.

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Browse Nodes

Check out the database of Lightning Network operators. Check out their LN+ Node Rank. Open channels to them, follow their posts here or on Twitter.


Contact Operators

Send a direct message to lightning node operators privately and safely without exposing any private information.


Find a Swap

You can browse and filter available Bitcoin Lightning Network liquidity Swaps that are open for application. Swaps come in different shapes and sizes. Find the one that's matching your need.


Create a Public Swap

If you can't find what you're looking for, start a new Swap. You can create one with special criteria that participants have to adhere to, such as minimum number of open channels or minimum total node capacity.

Create a Private Swap

If you want to open a swap with only a group of friends, start a new private Swap, which is not listed anywhere and requires a pin code to apply.

Filter Out Inapplicable Swaps

Some swaps have application criteria like minimum channels and capacity. By default you only see the Swaps you can apply to based on your node's information in your profile that is refreshed daily. As you grow your channels you will automatically start seeing more applicable Swaps. If you want to see all Swaps anyway just change the setting in your profile.

Learn and Get Support

Visit our Support section to learn more about the Lightning Network, LN+, running a node profitably, and to get support. Post your own questions.


Get Channel Duplicate Notification

To help you avoid accidentally opening a channel to a node you're already connected to, we will automatically warn you about the situation, so you can find another Swap to join.

Apply to a Swap

If you found an applicable Swap, you can apply to it. At this point you have to wait until all the required number of participants join the Swap.

Get Notifications

You will be notified in the app and in email (if notifications are allowed in your profile) when new participants join, or if the swap is complete and channel opening can begin.


You can communicate with Swap participants in comments. Every Swap participant receives a notification about such comments.

Get Detailed Instructions

You will be provided detailed instructions on what to do at every step of the way, to make the process easy and fun.

Rate Participants

Wait till channel openings completed or the 48 hours of deadline for opening expires, and then rank your peer on how well they complied with the channel opening promise.

Test Your Channels

You can try out your new channel by donating to us.


Contact Us

If you have trouble with anything you can email us, or chat us up. We're ready and glad to help you.


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If you want to stay in touch and be informed about the latest Lightning Network news and LN+ developments follow us on Twitter. If you have your Twitter handle in your profile we will follow you back too.