LN+ Pro Membership is your passport to unparalleled visibility and enhanced functionality within LN+

With the Pro Membership, your node takes center stage across all LN+ services, commanding attention on the front page, topping the Node Explorer, Liquidity Swaps index, Liquidity Pool index, and standing out in searches or among comments with a PRO tag. Gain exclusive control over Liquidity Swaps participants by restricting application to only users with 10+ positive reviews and 90%+ positive rating (called Prime nodes).

In the future, you will be also be able to enjoy premium profile customization options, access to Pro Courses at the Layers Academy, and API features available to Pro members only.

As a Pro member, you not only unlock a suite of advanced features but also directly contribute to the ongoing development of LN+ and the broader LN ecosystem. Experience the power of Pro Membership today and watch your node ascend the ranks with every passing day.

Pro Membership holders get the following perks:

  • Start Premium Liquidity Swaps restricted to Prime nodes only (10+ positive reviews and 90%+ positive rating)
  • Appear on the top of the Liquidity Swaps index
  • Appear on the top of the Liquidity Pool index
  • Appear on the top in the Node Explorer
  • Appear in rotation on the front page of LN+
  • Get a PRO tag everywhere your node appears
  • Support the development of LN+
  • Continously get access to new features as they are released such as Pro node profile customization, Pro API features, and Pro Courses, etc.

You can purchase a Membership for any number of days, starting from a minimum of just one day. Payments can be made using Bitcoin, either via Lightning or on-chain transactions. The more days remaining on your account, the higher your node will rank on index pages.

Membership Price: SAT 500 / Day

Price per days in Satoshis and in US dollars

7 Days: SAT 3,500 = $2.34

30 Days: SAT 15,000 = $10.03

90 Days: SAT 45,000 = $30.08

Pro Membership Service Disclaimer

When purchasing the Pro Membership from LN+, please be aware that we do not guarantee that channels will be opened to you during or after the membership period. LN+ does not offer full or partial refunds for Pro Membership purchases. We reserve the right to modify these terms as necessary in the future.