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Disable TOR support ( don't affect any existing or new Channels! ), reduce latency

Posted 17 days ago by Sunny Sarah

From today I stop broadcasting external TOR address to the network and disable TOR support. All Nodes can still connect to me via clearnet IPv4 address, even if they use TOR themselves. I hope this step should improve stability of the Node and reduce latency. Ping to IPv4 address is fast enough from anywhere in the world. Please, feel free to inform me about any connectivity issues, I'll do my best to solve it!
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Posted 17 days ago by pin:530b06355d

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Be a part of Syncro

Posted 25 days ago by syncro

Building a nice capacity routing node - Inbound liquidity is always welcome - automatic rebalancing - Node is online 24/7

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Posted 26 days ago by Sunny Sarah

Finally! Now Sunny Sarah ☀️ Node has IPv4 clearnet-address! We are going to improve connectivity, reduce latency and increase quality of Node.

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I'm alive again!

Posted 27 days ago by Sunny Sarah

I'm alive again! More refreshed, more ambitious and more powerful than ever before! I plan to systematically reopen all closed channels within the following few days and to be in touch via twitter/telegram (@SunnySarahNode). Let's keep working for bright and sunny future together! ☀️

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Contact Me

Posted 29 days ago by RecyclingStation

Twitter: @Crypto_Cadet

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Status update

Posted 29 days ago by Sunny Sarah

Node is still offline, but the issue is very serious and I'm doing everything in my power to resume service and be back online ASAP. I hope this will happen within next 24h, max 48h. I will reopen all closed channels (expired HTLCs and so on). I really appreciate each of you and hope to resume cooperation after the issue is resolved.

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Sorry for closing some channels

Posted about 1 month ago by LNok

My node have some problems lately. Then I need to restructure it by closing some channels. Wish you understand. Thank.

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Small downtime

Posted about 1 month ago by FOTON

Sorry for the short outage, network issue with my ISP. Solved now!

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Posted about 1 month ago by Rolo⚡️


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Maybe I can get an answer

Posted about 1 month ago by radday55

It seems like with only three months left on a one year contract a lot of people have become inactive not sure what to do about that would like some feedback...

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Introducing Zero Fee

Posted about 1 month ago by porticoexchange

For accelerate adoption of DeFi on Lightning Network and Exchange Decentralized, we decide have zero fee policy inspired by Zero Fee Routing and

Now you can open channel via Inbound Liquidity with zero fee using our Lightning Node.

Pubkey: 03da7d02b0a140094606133a75a0603be3425d38c466beece3519387e4db62270e


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