Witness the First Lightning Payment at Pingu's Burger in Vietnam, Facilitated by Neutronpay

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Pingu's Burger, a new homemade-style hamburger restaurant, is located in the Thao Dien neighbourhood, Ho Chi Minh City (also known as HCMC or Saigon), Vietnam. The place is renowned for its excellent food, friendly atmosphere, and good service. Recently, the restaurant has decided to accept Bitcoin via the Lightning Network and has chosen Neutronpay as their payment service provider. If you're ever in Ho Chi Minh City, make sure to visit Pingu's for a juicy burger. And don't forget to have some satoshis on your Lightning wallet!

Pingu's Burger Entrance

Pingu's Interior

Pingu's Service

Pingu's Hamburger

Neutronpay, Pingu's chosen payment service provider, offers a range of products, including an API designed for businesses across various regions. In addition, it provides an app that caters to both businesses and individuals. There's a special emphasis on the mobile-centric markets of Asia and Southeast Asia, including Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

The integration of Bitcoin payments through the Lightning Network at Pingu's Burger is a testament to the evolving landscape of Bitcoin adoption in Vietnam. While not the first to embrace this technology, Pingu's Burger joins a growing list of forward-thinking businesses in the region that recognize the potential of Bitcoin and the Lightning Network as a payment rail. This move highlights a broader trend among Vietnamese enterprises to incorporate innovative payment methods, offering customers both convenience and a glimpse into the future of financial transactions. It also reflects Vietnam's commitment to establishing itself as a leader in technological innovation and digital finance within Southeast Asia.


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