I'm working on building up capacity on this my secondary node CHILLYCALENDAR2

Posted 6 months ago by CHILLYCALENDAR2

Hi Everyone,

Just a quick note to let you all know that it's my intention to build up more capacity and open channels on this my secondary lightning node CHILLYCALENDAR2. 

My primary node CHILLYCALENDAR I have worked over the past 6 months to build up capacity on and I think I have enough open channels on that node.  I still have a lot of pool credits available on that node but I'm not actively seeking any more channels on it at the moment.  I'm very proud that with your help we have built it into Australia's third highest ranked node in terms of capacity: https://1ml.com/location/au 

Please if you're interested in my liquidity credits on CHILLYCALENDAR2 please create opening requests to this node and I will approve them.  I seek channels between 1 to 5 million sats.  I will participate in more liquidity swaps as well from this secondary node.

I have 3 nodes in total.  My primary node which is  CHILLYCALENDAR, my secondary node which is  CHILLYCALENDAR2 and a tertiary node which will go live online next week which will serve as a development/test node.  All major changes/updates, tests etc will be performed on the tertiary node before being rolled out to my secondary and then my primary node.

My overarching goal is to be able to provide 2 lightning network nodes for increased resilience, excellent uptime and system availability and to continue running my digital exchange and remittance business in Australia and Thailand. 

Best Regards,


Clarke Towson, BCMS (Bachelor of Computer & Mathematical Science)
INTJ Billing

m: +61 432 359 166
a: 7 Cullen Court Spotswood Victoria 3015 AUSTRALIA
Bitcoin Lightning Network Node Name: CHILLYCALENDAR 
Node Public Key: 025124c73ef7ecf527e0114ead02a0cc6e3ecbc0c99474ee3f5506c4503b089693 


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