Bitcoins as Rewards: The MicroStrategy Edge

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MicroStrategy's Lightning Rewards program incentivizes customer and employee actions using Bitcoin rewards. This innovative approach leverages Bitcoin and the Lightning Network, offering a unique way to engage with stakeholders. The program includes an administrative portal for easy management and seamlessly integrates with enterprise systems like Salesforce and Zoom. This flexibility makes it suitable for various business applications. Moreover, the platform provides analytics to track the impact of the rewards program, ensuring businesses can measure and optimize their strategies effectively.

The Platform Architecture

Why is the Lightning Rewards Platform better than cash-based systems?
MicroStrategy's Lightning Rewards program offers several advantages over traditional cash-based systems. First, it utilizes Bitcoin, which can be more appealing and innovative, potentially increasing engagement. Second, the use of Bitcoin allows for instant, global rewards without the complexities and costs associated with cross-border cash transactions. Lastly, it leverages the security and scalability of the Bitcoin network, offering a more secure and efficient rewards distribution system compared to conventional cash-based rewards.

What actions can be rewarded with the Lightning Rewards Platform?
The MicroStrategy Lightning Platform allows for rewarding various actions such as customer purchases, referrals, participation in events or surveys, and online engagement. This versatility makes it a valuable tool for enhancing user interaction across different platforms and activities, potentially reducing spam and malicious bots by incentivizing genuine engagement.

Example Use Cases

Employee Community Contribution
Reward employees with Satoshis for publishing articles, selecting the best answers, answering questions. The platform offers out-of-the-box integration with Salesforce (SFDC).

Employee Education
Reward employees with Satoshis for completing learning modules, achieving certifications, and viewing educational videos. The platform offers out-of-the-box integration with Wistia and Adobe.

Employee Health
Reward employees with Satoshis for achieving daily exercise time goals, hitting step count targets, and maintaining consecutive days of exercise. The platform offers integration with MoveSpring.


Employees receive a web and mobile wallet. They can withdraw Satoshis to any wallet by sending it to a lightning address, scanning an LNURL QR code, or pasting in a BOLT11 invoice. Employees also receive a Lightning Address that can be the same as their corporate email address to receive LN payments.

Web wallet

MicroStrategy's Lightning Rewards platform stands out for its innovative use of Bitcoin to incentivize and reward actions. This approach enables instant, global, and secure transactions, appealing to a wide audience. It seamlessly integrates with enterprise systems, making it versatile for various business needs. The platform's ability to track and analyze reward impact adds significant value for businesses looking to enhance engagement and measure the effectiveness of their strategies.

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