Earn Satoshis Daily: Simple Ways to Stack Bitcoin and Get Paid Over Lightning

Posted 6 months ago by LN+

Imagine earning Bitcoin effortlessly every day. With the growing popularity of Bitcoin, numerous services now reward users with Satoshis, the smallest unit of Bitcoin, for their time and attention. By engaging with multiple platforms, you can accumulate a substantial amount of Satoshis daily, leading to a significant reserve over time. Additionally, these activities offer the dual benefits of enhancing your understanding of Bitcoin and supporting businesses contributing to the Bitcoin ecosystem.


A new niche in marketing is emerging, targeting users of the Lightning Network, a payment protocol operating on top of the Bitcoin blockchain. Here's how it works:
  1. Sign-Up Process: Register with these services using your Lightning Address.
  2. Earning Sats: Receive regular micro-payments in Satoshis for your engagement.

Leading Services:


Relaxation often involves immersing oneself in the virtual world of mobile games. What if you could turn this leisure time into an opportunity to earn Bitcoin? Now, various mobile gaming platforms offer you the chance to earn Satoshis while you play.

Game platforms to explore:
  • THNDR Games: Engage in online gaming and earn a dozen or so sats daily.
  • LN Games: Hyper-casual gaming platform that lets you earn Bitcoin while having a blast.

News & Content

Several platforms reward users with Satoshis for activities like browsing the internet, listening to podcasts, reading or posting articles, and even managing emails.

  • Slice: Browse with an extension and get paid for looking at ads.
  • Fountain: Listen to podcasts and earn several hundred sats daily for an hour or so of your time.
  • Bitcoin Magazine App: Stay updated with Bitcoin news and earn 5 sats per article.
  • Stacker.news: Post content or comment and get paid by readers and the site itself daily. You can easily earn thousands of sats with popular content.
  • VIDA: A platform that allows you to earn per message or per minute if someone wants to reach you.


Educational platforms are incentivizing learning about Bitcoin and related technologies.

Educational Portals:
  • Yzer: Learn about Bitcoin and earn hundreds of sats every day.
  • Blink Wallet: This is a lightning wallet that offers bitcoin classes that pay you for viewing them.
  • Binance / Coinbase: These major exchanges offer courses with rewards, but they often pay in altcoins, which may not be easy to exchange to Satoshis.


Earn while you shop through these Satoshi-back programs.

Reward Programs:


An innovative way to combine fitness and earning is emerging.
  • sMiles: This app rewards your daily walking routine with Satoshis.

Earning Satoshis daily is an engaging way to immerse yourself in the Bitcoin universe. It's a win-win situation: You gain knowledge, support the Bitcoin community, and steadily build your Bitcoin holdings, all through simple, everyday activities.


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