Introducing LN+ Pro Membership: Elevate Your Node to New Heights

Posted 5 days ago by LN+

Welcome to the next level of connectivity and functionality within LN+ — we are thrilled to introduce the LN+ Pro Membership, designed for users who are serious about maximizing their impact and visibility across the LN network.

What is LN+ Pro Membership?

LN+ Pro Membership transforms your experience by placing your node at the forefront of the LN+ platform. With this membership, your node doesn't just participate; it dominates. Whether it's on the front page, the Node Explorer, the Liquidity Swaps index, or the Liquidity Pool index, your node will consistently appear in top positions. Additionally, it will be distinguished by a PRO tag in searches and comments, instantly signaling your elevated status to the entire LN+ community.

Exclusive Features for Pro Members

Here’s a closer look at the exclusive features available to LN+ Pro Members:

  • Prime Node Liquidity Swaps: Start and participate in Liquidity Swaps that are exclusive to Prime nodes (explained more below) — users who have garnered 10+ positive reviews and maintain a 90%+ positive rating.
  • Prominent Visibility: Gain unmatched visibility by appearing at the top of critical indexes and rotating on the front page of LN+.
  • Ongoing Feature Access: As we continue to innovate, you’ll gain access to new features such as premium profile customization options, Pro API features, and exclusive courses offered through Layers Academy.

Support and Contribute

By choosing LN+ Pro Membership, you are not just enhancing your own node's capabilities; you are also directly contributing to the development of LN+ and the broader LN ecosystem. This is your chance to be part of something bigger — to support and shape the future of the network.

Flexible and Easy to Purchase

LN+ Pro Membership can be purchased for any number of days, starting with just one day, offering complete flexibility to suit your needs. Payments are a breeze with options including Bitcoin, either via Lightning or on-chain transactions. Remember, the longer your membership, the higher your node’s rank will be on various indexes.

Users who previously purchased the Node Highlight feature will be automatically grandfathered into the Pro Membership. This adjustment comes as we replace Node Highlighting with our new, more comprehensive offering.

Join Today and Ascend the Ranks

Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your node and enjoy a suite of advanced features that will set you apart from the crowd. Experience the power of Pro Membership today and watch your node ascend the ranks with every passing day. Ready to upgrade? Your journey to prominence begins here, with LN+ Pro Membership.

Prime Nodes and Liquidity Swaps

While the new Prime Nodes label and Prime Liquidity Swaps are not included as a direct feature of Pro Membership, they are closely related and worth discussing in this context. As a Pro Member, you gain the ability to create what are called Prime Liquidity Swaps. These swaps are exclusively available to Prime Nodes, which are highly-rated nodes meeting specific criteria: having at least 10 positive reviews, with an overall positive rating of 90% or higher.

For instance, if your node receives 20 positive reviews and only 1 negative review, it qualifies as a Prime Node and is eligible to participate in Prime Liquidity Swaps. However, a node with only 3 positive reviews, or with 10 positive and 2 negative reviews, does not meet the threshold for participation.

The Prime Label, signifying your node's high rating, is prominently displayed on your Node Profile and is represented by a star symbol.


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