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Updates done

Posted 9 days ago

Again updates to latest kernel bitcoin and lnd versions
Everything running stable since month now and no forced closes seen for a while. Seems also the selction of stable channel partners is now paying off.

Update to latest linux kernel und docker

Posted 4 months ago

Update to latest linux kernel und docker - nothing else to add.

bitcoind now on V26

Posted 4 months ago

Title is selfexplaining - bitcoind of my node upgraded to version 26.
Releasenotes: https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/blob/master/doc/release-notes/release-notes-26.0.md

update to LND 0.17.3 and latest linux kernel

Posted 5 months ago

see subject - update was without any issues

(Temporarily) Disabled TOR as accepted connection in settings here

Posted 6 months ago


was jsut again wondering why so many channels (10%) are offline on my node. Internet and node seems to work - only saw high CPU on TOR processes. Then checked all of the offline channelpartners via LNRouter. All of them were pure TOR nodes and all were showing instable connections (more than 50&% offline).
==> I decided to disable TOR in LN+ settings at least temporarly as it is not the first time TOR causing issues :(

thanks for your understanding

Next goals for this node

Posted 6 months ago

- Increase capacity to 2BTC (outgoing min. 1BTC)
- Fokus on clearnet nodes
- Avoid unstable node connections
- Minimum Channelsize 3MSAT - I might replace small channels next year

Again several (4) forced closed (automatically) in a short timeframe

Posted 6 months ago

I had again 4 automatic forced closures - For some the reason might be instable channel partner for some I do not see any reason. The node had no issues for several weeks before. 
It is really frustrating and expensive (several hundred dollars closing costs :() - if someone has a good source of measures to avoid forced closures or at least to identify the root cause I would be happy.
My node is pretty stable - currently no network issues. Performance should be fine as well. I only upgraded to lnd 17.2 but according to release notes this should help not make the situation worse. 

LND API hung -> restart

Posted 7 months ago

Looks like LND is no longer responding on its API which is causing LNDg etc. no longer to work.
Restarting the node. Should be back in 30min.

Monthly maintenance done

Posted 8 months ago

Reboot to update to latest kernel patches.

Electrs DB got corrupted

Posted 9 months ago

No idea why but the electrs db got corrupted. Need to resync to bitcoind. So offline for a few hours. 

Offline at weekend in august

Posted 10 months ago

Will move my servers and infra therefor will be offline for a few days :(
Move did not happen yet as some hardware was missing for the new spot. New plan some weekend in august...
Lightning Network Node
Capacity: 180,735,590 SAT
Channels: 65