Forced closed channels

Posted over 2 years ago by AVATAR

I have had a few channels get closed and it is saying "local forced close" but I did not initiate it. Is anyone else having this problem?



LN+ Admin wrote over 2 years ago

The other side may have force closed. Or you may be running some script in the background perhaps?

AM_SB wrote over 2 years ago

This happened with me as well,
My best guess is that this usually happens when the other node uses the static channel backup file to request your node to force close a channel

But I have other problem though, When this happened with me I can see I claimed my balance and the other node's balance as well and I'm pretty lost in the explorer transactions and don't know what goes where, but I'm pretty sure I claimed both my balance and the other node's balance!!


AVATAR wrote over 2 years ago

Thanks for the input guys!

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