Lost my node because of hard drive failure. Trying to recover fund...

Posted over 1 year ago by satoshi.village

Lost node. Trying to recover funds.



poolside-roma wrote over 1 year ago

If you need a txid or anything for our channel feel free to reach out


LN+ wrote over 1 year ago

Sorry to hear. Good luck. 

Lightning Hoarder

Lightning Hoarder wrote over 1 year ago

If you use LND, use both LND’s self recovery tools and Chantools for further recovery



anon wrote over 1 year ago

Sorry to hear man. Lightning node recovery is non-trivial. Every operator should do a dry run on testnet at least once.

cobosbfb wrote over 1 year ago

Umbrel would make it easier, they have auto channel backups.  Maybe you use Umbrel?

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