Igniter2.0 for a more coordinated ignition of ROFs

Posted over 1 year ago by hippiebro

Just checkout the repo: https://github.com/ziggie1984/miscellanous.git
For big ROFs it is sometimes the case, that when you coordinate a ignite fees propagate very slowly (gossip protocol). Therefore this script has the ability to set all fees to zero, and it is only important that the channel owners has set the fees to zero too. So you can ignite a ROF more coordinated without a lot of waiting time. The script constructs a payment and sends it through the network.


BJNode wrote over 1 year ago

What is a ROF? I read the repo and still have no idea. 

hippiebro wrote over 1 year ago

Ring of Fire, for reblancing channels. In this script you can set fees to zero, so you don't have to wait until the gossip protocol updated this fee information to your node

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