Installing charge-lnd on GetUmbrel to automate your fee policies. Guide by The_Lorax!!

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I've just followed the guide below to automate an hourly change to my channel fee policies:

I've customised the config file to set 0 base fees across all channels unless there are low sats left on my side (in which case use 9999 base fees to effectively disable routing from my side). 

All channels get a proportional fee per ppm. So if there is a high balance on my side the fees will be low and as my balance decreases the fees increase.

No more manual channel config changes :)



LN+ wrote over 1 year ago

Thanks for posting! It's cool that you can do this on an Umbrel.

nansa wrote over 1 year ago

This guide is great ! But consider reducing the frequency of the updates. Take into account that spreading through the network your new fees can take up to 1h, so by the time you have transmitted the info, you will change it again. So more than 10h

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