Lightning Vouchers

Posted 13 days ago by BitcoinVoucherBot-X

Lightning Vouchers are available at @BitcoinVoucherBot and can be redeemed instantly. You can redeem with the following wallets:

  • Phoenix
  • Breez
  • BlueWallet
  • Wallet of Satoshi
  • BLW
  • Blixt
  • coinos
  • LNbits
  • lntxbot
  • Shockwallet
  • ThunderHub
  • Zap-Android
  • Zap-iOS
  • ZEBEDEE (and bots)
  • Zeus

LN+ replied 4 days ago

I can't find @BitcoinVoucherBot on Twitter. Is it Reddit, Telegram or...?

BitcoinVoucherBot-X replied 3 days ago

the bot on telegram:
the group on telegram:

LN+ replied 3 days ago

Thank you!

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