I'm sorry to give up this lnd node

Posted about 1 year ago by NodeDown

Todays second incedent within a short timeframe of LND stopping to work due to a bug made me question my node.
I wasn't happy about other things as well. Tor is too slow and unstable. I had too many force closes from both sides. Multiple reports of hardware failures with Raspi Setups. 
I love lightning and will continue to use it but for the upcomming future I will probably use (partially custodial) wallet providers as they manage their node probably better than me. This trend to centralization will unfortunatelly continue. As long as lightning stays compatible, open, and non-kyc even on custodial wallets I'm still sort of fine with that. Maybe fedimints will also be an interesting option once. For the moment most funds will stay in cold-storage and if I ever feel the need to start again I would do so with an core-lightning implementation instead.

Sorry for any rings I closed therefore early.  :(
HODL strong and spend via lightning whenever possible!


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