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Posted about 1 year ago by Bitnoob

     I noticed this info box on my node details. How is this info useful and what am I supposed to do with it? I think it may be a new feature, still in the trial phase. Also, not sure if other nodes can see this info as the last line is a bit concerning. 

Personalized Information
Channels with this node: 0
Number of common nodes connected to: xx (number changed to xx for this post)
Number of nodes not common: 0
Not recommended to open a channel to this node, because you connect to too many of the same nodes already.



LN+ Admin wrote about 1 year ago

When you visit a node, you will see:
  • how many channels you have open to the node you're looking at
  • how many nodes you're connecting are the node you're looking at are also connecting - the higher the number, the less likely you want to connect to this node, unless you have a specific good reason to
  • how many nodes the node you're looking at is connecting to that you're not connected to - the lower the number the more likely you want to connect to this node to increase your reach on LN
  • recommendation to connect or not based on the above

You should not see the box on your own node (that was a bug I fixed recently). Other nodes will see the box on your node as related to their own nodes. It's a benefit for you for them to see the recommendation, so you get channels from nodes that increase your connectivity as much as possible.


Bitnoob wrote about 1 year ago

Thank you for the explanation and fixing the bug. Checked this feature in the nodes that I am connected to and those I am not connected to. 
This looks like an useful feature. 


LN+ Admin wrote about 1 year ago

Great! 👍

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