NatashaOtomoski asked 15 days ago

Channel opened but swap page still showing pending

This is the swap page: with the pending status for a channel that has been opened since 88 blocks ago.
I'm Node C, which is connecting to Node A.
If we go to Node A's page here:
It shows 02fc56b2fc2251c2309b, my alias under channels, which is my node, (but it's not showing my alias, maybe it's a bug?)

Here's the more weird part. On 1ML, if we go to my node page:
Under Channel Id: 774074877738221569 it's showing flipped direction for Node 1 and Node 2.
If I initiated the channel opening, shouldn't my node be Node 1, but in this case it's shown as Node 2.

Maybe I'm getting myself confused here since I'm new to all this. But can someone help explain what I'm seeing?

LN+ answered 14 days ago

Yes, you're confused in two ways. Let me explain:
  1. You have a good channel. Just click the green button with the check mark on your swap to confirm you opened the channel. This is a manual click, it doesn't automatically gets marked based on the channel being open on the network. Also, that green button is not about the channel being open, but about your action of having started the channel open. You're confirming that you have done your part.
  2. Regarding your link on 1ML. Channels don't have a direction. It's not your channel. It's a channel between two nodes. You both have the same control over the channel. It's technically a Bitcoin multisig contract. The order of nodes shown on 1ML is alhabetical and not based on who opened to whom.

NatashaOtomoski answered 14 days ago

Thank you! That makes a lot of sense now.

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