bitcointechweekly asked 13 days ago

Updating my node URI

I updated my node URI but the change is not reflected on the node profile page, how can I change it ? 
It's important as people cannot connect to me. 

LN+ answered 13 days ago

Is this not correct?

Is this the correct one with TOR?

be-kind-01 answered 7 days ago

Facing difficulties in updating my TOR address to ompwolkl7w7377jsizbpgkcrovbejenetbbdublil2n5dn4bjfepvzqd.onion:9735
The Node ID remains the same as before: 03e4d457261595cb52bb2088c831304905a47df8715a5d83a11b60dca5bd4933c4

My profile still reflects a deprecated TOR address.
Appreciate your guidance on how to update my profile.

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