Anonymous2461 asked 13 days ago

Trying to open my first channel

I'm new to LN and trying to open my first channel. I created swap ( and two others joined quickly. I clicked the button to open the channel and the others have gone silent. What's next? Is my pledge amount locked until some future time? I'd like to open a channel with active members and learn. The ball just kinda stopped. :)

LN+ answered 13 days ago

Sorry, you may have misunderstood how this works. You didn't seem to have opened any channels yet.

You actually have to open the channel using the instructions provided. Just clicking the green button is not enough to open a channel. We don't have control over your node that way!

You should open the channel and then you click the green button. I flipped the status back to opening so you can see the instructions.

Anonymous2461 answered 13 days ago

I see, I have to copy the address and manually open a channel to them. Ok, I did that. Thank you. Crossing fingers. :)

LN+ answered 12 days ago

Yes, we can't open a channel for you. Only you have control over your own node.

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