🧄 asked 21 days ago

"Spaces Available for -1 participants"??

On 4772, I was the last participant of the square, and opened a channel as usual. I got emails and instructions as screenshot below. 
However interestingly, another node sits in the square as the last participant so it seems I'm not involved in the square while LN+ is still showing me as if I'm in the square. If you see "Spaces Available" on the left side says "-1 participants " instead "None", so I assume two participants applying exactly same time type of thing caused this glitch or I'm in a parallel world.

Anyway, that's no big deal. But just want to share this because it's interesting.
-1.png 403 KB

LN+ answered 20 days ago

Thanks for spotting this! I will investigate what happened. Must be a race condition and two D's joined at the same time.

LN+ answered 20 days ago

This bug is now fixed!

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