looksoundfeel asked 16 days ago

Can I do anything if one member of swap closing the channel without any reason?

Swap 4568 agree to maintain the Triangle for 12 months 2 weeks ago. But now one member is closing the channel without explained any reason? What can I do anything about it?

Lakko2 answered 16 days ago

Same question here too.

LNDB4TIME answered 15 days ago

Leave a negative rating, that's about it right now.

LNDB4TIME answered 14 days ago


looksoundfeel answered 14 days ago

Yes. That channel was fine. There're traffics and they got fees. I still not understand why they closed it down. If it is zombie channel I'll easily accept.

LNDB4TIME answered 14 days ago

Sometimes nodes run into issues like database corruption. It can take several days to sync a new node and reopen channels. Keep an eye on things and see what happens. You could also reach out to the node via their socials to get more information.

looksoundfeel answered 14 days ago

Thank you LNDB4TIME.

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