GrandArcher asked 16 days ago

Help enforce the contract time

Can you please add a way to make a deposit and monitor the blockchain so if someone doesnt hold up their side it gets paid out to the other 2 parties that were connected. Some way to help enforce the contract time.

LN+ answered 13 days ago

This is a cool idea and I've been researching how to do it. Once I find the method, I will implement it.

Relatively Irrelevant answered 5 days ago

I'd also welcome a way to monitor and negatively impact nodes that dishonorably close channels before an agreed swap date. 

Node @BMO closed 19 swaps in less than 40 days. Node @W01 closed 173 swaps. Yet both are still noted as Trustworthy and Honorable. According to 1ML, @W01 closed more than 400 channels 1 week ago, yet they are still listed as a " Rank: 10 / Iridium Node ". 

I would appreciate and trust your rankings, reputation, and badges more if they were more timely and accurate.  Thank you.

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