Anonymous1820 asked 14 days ago

Still in Opening Status .. even though channel has now closed.

Thanks in advance for considering my question .
I was B endpoint in the triangle swap 3936.  I opened the channel back in October, but the status never changed.
It's still in Opening status.. C endpoint closed the channel on Nov 19th and I received only 1/2 of the opening amount into my BTC wallet.
Please explain what caused this condition.  I want to avoid it happening in the future. 


LN+ answered 13 days ago

You have to manually click the green button to change the status. Opening the channel doesn't automatically change that status. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

Channels are not static amounts. The money moves from channel to channel, it's called routing. When a channel is closed the network determines how much is owned on each side and you receive the relevant amounts.

Anonymous1820 answered 11 days ago

OK .. Green button... hmmmm.   My first two swaps went off without any hitch ... this doesn't look like there's a lack of button pushing.  
The channel got opened ... it was open for a month and then closed .. but the LN+   gui is still reporting  "Channel Opening"     which my other swaps didn't have that issue.    

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