Dora-The-Explorer asked 12 days ago

Need to connect to a peer https://LightningNetwork.Plus/swaps/1840


I need to connect to a peer that I accidentally removed.  I tried to find his alias and use his public key but it is not working.

Channel ID767013814170091521
Peer Public Key02a446876eafbbdaa96e768af73ecc77988f245c298727ae60313d7e3e420bde4e
Channel Point74b19135171c6a3f98a54d94ac0ae0e16c337ce357eda06edfa8359cb3e23f12:1
Closing Transaction Hash9ebe72db5daba8f50754f642c0cf65989f74840186eb6ce6eaf6b9b994eea4c1

LN+ answered 12 days ago

First, add them as a peer with this address:

Then, they can open to you.

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