BTC_Freedom asked about 1 month ago

Closing channel - close types

Hi there,
in my RTL I see different close types : " Local Force close", "Co-operative Close" and "Remote Force close". The names are quiet self explanatory, but could someone more elaborate on this? since I didnt do anything and some of my channels appeared as "Local Force closed", I also did nothing for "Co-operative Close"..
What are the conditions for these to happen without me doing any actions? 
Thanks and happy lightning!

AM_SB answered 26 days ago

When you use the usual "Close" command when both your node and the other one are online, this is called "Co-operative Close"
If the other node though is offline, the only option you have if you want to close a channel is to force close this channel, and this is called "Local Force Close"
If your node goes offline and the other node wants to close the channel, that node does the force close and so it is called - from your perspective - "Remote Force Close"

There are some cases though in the software that causes channels to be automatically force closed by your node like if the other node faces an non-recoverable disaster, they can use the static channel backup file to request your node to force close the channel, and then your client automatically initiate the "Local Force Close" transaction without you initiating it
Another case for automatically force closing has something to do with exceeding dust limit by the remote node or something, but I'm not aware of the details

Hope that answers your question!

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