chilman asked 24 days ago

Non-initiated forced closure.

Can your channel just force close on its own with no action? I am in a triangle with someone and they said that my channel forced closed on them and I did not initiate this? 

LN+ answered 23 days ago

Which software are you running?

chilman answered 15 days ago


chilman answered 15 days ago

I have another channel closing on me. This one doesn’t look like a force close. ( correction it is now turning into a forced close ). Contacted them through this service as they are in a swap triangle. Swamp 5743
LNDB4TIME Node Was off-line for a while I noticed before closing.

chilman answered 15 days ago

The first time initiated forced closing was from the bankofsovereignindividual that I am in the triangle with. Apparently their node was down for a bit also Before the closing initiated. This was a 5 million Satoshi channel which I only got back 2 million-ish Satoshi‘s. I re-opened up a channel to the bankofsovereignindividual (WOWWOW) of a 2.5 million Satoshi channel just to have a channel open with them because they are a good peer. 

chilman answered 15 days ago

So, now LNDB4TIME Channel is doing a force close. I’m only getting back my local amount it looks like. I opened up this channel of 2 million Satoshi‘s. Will I get the remote side back eventually?

schulzemic answered 12 days ago

That's not how it works, the funds on the remote side are not yours anymore. If they switched to that side due to a forwarding event, funds on another channel have moved to your side instead, so those are belonging to you now.

chilman answered 11 days ago


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