SLEEPYGOPHER asked 2 months ago

How do I switch my Node from one PC to another pc?

I run MX-Linux bc I like the distro. However it seems it doesn't have systemd so I can not put tor connections on my LN+.
I could go to basic Ubuntu though not my favourite. 
Is there a protocol foe transferringy our node from one pc to another?  Im only new to the LN

LN+ answered 2 months ago

It’s not simple. You have to copy over all files and make sure never to run both instances at the same time or it will count as a breach and you may lose funds. I suggest you don’t move your node unless you tested the procedure before with another node. Rather close your channels on the old node and start a new node. 

SLEEPYGOPHER answered 2 months ago

thank you very much for your advice. I am not a stranger to losing bitcoin through mishap and carelessness. I think I may then just make a new node and start all over again :-)

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