CHIMICHURRILN asked 20 days ago

Swap peers are inactive

Agreement ID: 14336
Hi! I created a swap, though the other peers are inactive and I can't create the channel, neither trust them much. How do I proceed? Can I cancel the swap or remove the peers? Do I let it expire? Thanks in advance for any guidance 

Traverse answered 20 days ago

It may take a day or two for your peers to notice they need to act. The swap gives a time limit. 

If you have peers who are regularly offline, it may be a sign to close a channel. 

CHIMICHURRILN answered 20 days ago

Thanks! So if the node comes online I should open the channel. And if the node is always offline then I can close the channel before the agreement date. Is that right? 

Traverse answered 20 days ago

Being logged into and having your node online are two different things.

When you make a swap, you will need to wait for your peers to take a look at this web site, or respond to an email. You will need to connect to one, another will connect to you. This usually takes a while to complete.

When you say a node is "offline" do you mean they aren't logged into LN+, or do you mean their node is un-contactable with known connection details?

CHIMICHURRILN answered 20 days ago

Trying with Thunderhub and it says PeerNotOnline. 
RTL doesn't show any message but doesn's start the channel either. 
When I look at Peer Profile it says "Inactive".
I also noticed the node information shows there's not much activity.

CHIMICHURRILN answered 19 days ago

The deadline expired and the peers didn't act on time. How can I cancel the swap and rate the other nodes? 

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