ttooccooll asked about 1 year ago

Channel with deadbeat node won't close after weeks

Hey all, I've got a channel in which someone I met on LN+ flaked and it looks like it's perpetually stuck in closing. All the sats were on my side so I tried force closing, resetting channel close transaction fees, and even installed and tried about ever command I could think of in chantools. Has anyone ever encountered this before? If so, you got any advice on getting this thing closed? It's for channel 786320x1380x1, which went down April 20th.



LN+ Admin wrote about 1 year ago

Yes, I have encountered this before. First time it happened it eventually got resolved on its own with time. Second time is still pending. Will let you know if I find a solution.


ttooccooll wrote about 1 year ago

Thanks for the heads up. I'll let you know what ends up happening.

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