SCP-096 asked about 1 month ago

option to contact operators of inactive nodes

I have noticed that nodes deemed "inactive" don't have "message" button on their LN+ pages. (I could be wrong, but I have a feeling it was not always this way) There are scenarios where option to leave message to inactive node operator is desirable. It is common that node doesn't have any other contact info, which can be found on the internet, other than claimed LN+ account (and hope it's linked with email getting notifications from LN+..).
If there is no message button, is there at least way how to figure node's id on LN+? (To be used at the end of messaging url ( )



LN+ Admin wrote about 1 month ago

Hi! I'm happy to consider a change. The issue is people can not login with an inactive node, unless they set up their email previously. And they will only receieve an email notification about a DM if they enabled it.

Here is an example of an inactive member:


SCP-096 wrote about 1 month ago

I see.. But still, it might be useful feature for those accounts, where email was used during registration (and also where dm notification is enabled..? Im under the impression email notifications are enabled by default). I know if some inactive nodes had message button and some didnt, it might constitute very small privacy leak so just a small brainstorming. The need to contact is in majority of cases related to zombie channel recovery, which should not be the case with "inactive" nodes.

btw is it right that LN+ define "inactive" nodes as removed from channel graph and/or having 0channels? I don't have example at hand, but I believe in the past I have encountered cases where node was inactive on LN+, but still had 1or more unclosed channels on amboss..


LN+ Admin wrote about 1 month ago

OK, I will enable the message button.

LN+ deactivates nodes when they have no active public channels. This is the same policy as other explorers take. The minor differences between explorers stem from the fact that we all see a slightly different version of the lightning network. There is no single source of truth.


LN+ Admin wrote about 1 month ago

I belive this is now updated.

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