Virtuoso asked 8 months ago

Channel reported as closed, but this is not the case

Hello there,

For liquidity pool 400, LN+ is reporting the channel as closed but the channel is still open. Meaning I'm now missing out on credits. Are you able to solve this please?

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LN+ Admin wrote 8 months ago

Hello! Thanks for the report. I checked it and indeed LN+ sees the channel as closed. ID: 893434561507753985
I checked on other explorers, like 1ML and looks like it's closed:
On other explorers like Amboss and Mempool Space the channel still looks open. Possible they are behind in terms of detecting the change. If it's indeed open according to your node, it's possible your node is not sending out the correct messaging on the gossip network. I suggest to double check on your node.

If it's a mistake, I'm happy to manually fix it. The liquidity credits moved till the day the channel closed. You didn't lose out on all of it. You can start a new credit transaction to keep the liquidity credits flowing.

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