LN+ asked almost 3 years ago

Who is behind LightningNetwork.Plus?

I want to know if I can trust LN+ with my information. Who is running this site?

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LN+ Admin wrote almost 3 years ago

The site is run by a single individual: Alan Plus. That's not my real name. It's a pseudonym. I wish to remain anonymous for the most part, even though there are many in the community who know my real identity. But my real identity doesn't matter. I run this site to help the Bitcoin ecosystem because I believe in its ethos of providing freedom, equality and sovereignty to people of the world. I have no association with any company or other Bitcoin service. The site is privately owned and operated.

On LN+ we don't verify or store any personal data. Any node data that is available on this site is also available on the Lightning Network publicly. You can use LN+ totally anonymously with a fake email, and providing no personal information whatsoever.

You can contact me on email or on Twitter.

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