Nomadic75 asked 22 days ago

How can I change my Onion public key - Since I recovered my node my TOR changed


How can I change my Onion Pub key associated with my profile?



LN+ Admin wrote 20 days ago

Is it showing the correct address now?

Nomadic75 wrote 19 days ago

No it does not. My TOR address is 02a3b7b3f8f3c0e9d8ec2f0feac3b037818adf01df176c014e85d4b3d9acc2eacd@hzugttouno5iioi7gnxjtjhhiifaqwfejmcos2gz27k5jzz4crx5jtad.onion:9735


LN+ Admin wrote 19 days ago

I see! I can fix this manually, but the problem is it will revert back after some time because the information on the gossip network is wrong. All explorers are reporting the wrong information. Here is what we did in similar situations successfully with other nodes to fix the issue: change something significiant on your node like your alias and that will push out updated information about your node and every service will sync the new address.

Nomadic75 wrote 17 days ago

Hi, I have made an update. Let's see if it changes here! 


LN+ Admin wrote 17 days ago

Now your node is inactive, meaning you don't have public channels. Thus, your information is not circulating. You should open a single channel to somebody.

Nomadic75 wrote 16 days ago

Hi - The change created the "inactive " Status for a while.
I am back on the active side but did not see my Tor address updated.


LN+ Admin wrote 15 days ago

It will stay inactive until you have a channel. Unfortunately there is no concept of active visible nodes without channels. Only "channeled" nodes push gossip as far as I know.

Nomadic75 wrote 15 days ago

Okay perfect. This is what I figured. The fees are high; I will wait a little to open a channel. Hopefully, it will update itself.


LN+ Admin wrote 15 days ago

Good thinking. Yes, it will after about max 24 hours.

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