Kiwi Bitcoiner asked 14 days ago

I have entered a 3 ways swaps channel...

I have entered a 3 ways swaps channel, 3 million sats each. every time I try to connect to node A it fails. I really dont understand why this keeps failing. Node B has opened a channel to me (Node C). I have tried on thunder hub and ride the lightning, im not sure if this is an error at my end or Node A?

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LN+ Admin wrote 12 days ago

I assume this is the swap:
Can you answer these to narrow down the issue:
  1. Do you have sufficient sats (3M) on your node to open the channel?
  2. Can you try to peer to Node A first without trying to open the channel, did it work?
  3. Did A successfully peer to you as I asked in comments in the swap?
  4. If peering is successful, can you try to open the channel and give me the error message you're getting? It may be something like A is not accepting channels this size or similar, that way we can identify the issue and fix it.

Thank you for caring and trying! 🙌

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