EnduraUmb-I asked 24 days ago

Local Forced Close without any manual interaction?

Hi, I had now 2-3 times channels closed with Close Type "local force" after running them several month without any issue. 
I am running an Umbrel 0.4.18 node so LND 14.2 Beta and LNDg 1.1.1.

Can channels be automatically closed and then shown as local force? If yes what are the reasons?

LNok answered 21 days ago

There're several reasons. Most common cause is stuck HTLCs when related node was offline too long. Search the Google.

EnduraUmb-I answered 21 days ago

Yeah I did use google - now with revised search parameters I still did not find that much e.g.
so a list of potential reasons - but was as well looking for (easy) guides how to nail down the exact reason and avoid. Still learning, and learning never ends.

BTW: Is there a guideline for a "swap contract" how to handle such automatic closures? E.g. should the other end of the channel reconnect if the issue was caused by being offline too long?

LNok answered 21 days ago

Search the Plebnet telegram resource. I can't no way reply here. What you learnt still far from enough.

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