Perseus asked 3 days ago

Error message when trying to connect to peer

Hi! Im trying to connect to a node in my triangle. Im using Umbrel and I keep getting this error message:

 Unable to connect to peer, dial proxy failed: socks connect tcp>5xpaun63dopotwgihgamlr62ddpxmfs5s2u4rikqabyxgymyujsjfkad.onion:9735: unknown error host unreachable

Is there anything I can do to get the connection going?

LN+ answered 3 days ago

What node is it?

Perseus answered 3 days ago

The node is UmbrelGuy369

Thor lightning adress:

LN+ answered 3 days ago

I have a channel to this node. The channel is open and active. The peer is active too. You should be able to connect. I'm unsure what to suggest.

Perseus answered 3 days ago

Okay, I just got it to work. I don't know why it didn't work before. Just had try several times and log into Umbrel another time

LN+ answered 1 day ago

Good to hear!

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