YuckFou asked 13 days ago

Add undo button for notifications checkmark

I love the way the notifications are set up currently where you need to manually click the checkmark to indicate you have seen that notification.
However, being the idiot I am, I accidentally clicked one of the notifications, and now I see no way to undo that careless click of the checkmark.  So now there's something lurking out there that I'm unaware of, and might need to act on.

It would be great if there were some sort of way to Undo accidental clicks of checkmarks like this.  Maybe make all notifications bold by default, but then when clicked, they switch to normal font, indicating that you have clicked the notification and basically accepted it.  That way if you accidentally click the notification, you can at least see what it was that you clicked.

LN+ answered 13 days ago

What if I add a button where you can see all notifications even if they were marked as seen before?

YuckFou answered 13 days ago

Sure, that would work just fine.  As long as there is some way to figure out what I accidentally acknowledged mistakenly.

LN+ answered 13 days ago

OK. Adding my to-do list.

YuckFou answered 12 days ago

Sweet, thanks.  Lmk here once done.  If I like it, I'll make a donation (probably 10,000 sat is the amount I'm thinking of).

YuckFou answered 7 days ago

Oops, I did it again.  I absentmindedly clicked on the wrong check mark for a different notification.   Therefore I'm raising my donation offer from 10,000 sats to 20,000 sats.

LN+ answered 6 days ago

Thanks, I'll prioritize it! 😉

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