EnduraUmb-I asked 7 days ago

How to remove a watchtower

on https://lightningnetwork.plus/watchtower a new watchtower is mentioned and the old one to be removed.
(" Our old watchtower with pubkey 0301135932e89600b3582513c648d46213dc425c7666e3380faa7dbb51f7e6a3d6 is being retired. If you're using it currently, please remove it from your node and migrate to the new one described below. ")
Tried it using
lncli wtclient remove 0301135932e89600b3582513c648d46213dc425c7666e3380faa7dbb51f7e6a3d6

then getting
[lncli] rpc error: code = Unknown desc = removing towers is disallowed while a new session negotiation is in progress

Tons of article how to add but did not find one how to remove properly hopefully someone can help e.g. stop sessions....

LN+ answered 6 days ago

I think you need to add a new one before removing the old one. I think this is an existing LND bug. But it's been around for quite some time. I thought it's already been fixed honestly.

EnduraUmb-I answered 6 days ago

second one was already up, so does not help. then my next question would be does it harm to have the old and new one?

LN+ answered 6 days ago

It doesn’t harm. But it would be best to remove. Don’t give up. 

EnduraUmb-I answered 6 days ago

OK then I will retry after SW updates/reboot maybe it will help.

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