ScottGunShell-Umb asked 12 months ago

Strange LN Channel behavior

I signed up for a swap yesterday and was the last entry, after opening the channel with my peer my channel opened and it showed as connected on both of our node pages.  Sometime today the channel disappeared from both of our pages but is still visible on my node locally and when I try and look at channel fees I get an error.

I'm not sure what could be causing the problem but am open to suggestions as to how to proceed.



Goldman_Sucks wrote 12 months ago

Just my thought.
I am guess it it because of tor. some of my tor peers look off-line for while.  Tor today is not stable as long as I see my peers. 

ScottGunShell-Umb wrote 12 months ago

The only thing that makes me question that is that the peer still shows as active (on my own node), whereas usually when I'm having Tor issues the peer will show as inactive.

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