Dry Powder asked 25 days ago

Watchtower service in lightningnetwork+

Hi there,

Currently, your watchtower service behaves weird as half-dead. Please kindly confirm the status on your side.

Thank you as always. Btw, I am a peer of you.

LN+ answered 23 days ago

Hello! Both of our watchtowers are overwhelmed. We are working on making it more robust.

WhoamI answered 3 days ago


I also would like to add your watchtower to my node. May I ask you regarding the status of your watchtowers (overwhelmed)? 

Thx and Cheers!

LN+ answered 2 days ago

Don’t add it. Wait a bit. I will give you a solution shortly. 

WhoamI answered 2 days ago

OK, will do. Thx.

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