Lele asked 11 months ago

what is the best way to migrate from one node to a new one?

I'm migrating to a new node and I'm not sure what's the best way to move all my open channels from one to the other.. I'd prefer not to let my open channels dies as I really enjoyed working with all the people that helped me set them up and would want to keep the sats relationship open and healthy with them.

Any hint would be appreciated.




LN+ wrote 11 months ago

The only way you can do it is if you use the same seed (and thus pubkey) on the new node and very carefully move over the channel data to the new device (not using the channel backup but the actual files). It's critical that you don't run the two devices at the same time as it would appear as an attack (because states will be out of sync) and channels will be closed.

If you have a different seed (and pubkey), there is no way to move channels over. In this situation the safe thing to do is close the channels cooperatively first, and then reopen the channels to the same nodes on the new node if you can (have enough liquidity). You should also wait for a week or so to do this because the chain is now very busy due to consolidation transactions issued by Binance, so you would be overpaying for the transactions (10+ sat/vB instead of the regular 1 sat/vB).

Lele wrote 11 months ago

ah! I was guessing why the fees were so high lately! :) that makes perfectly sense

I'm not sure I want to risk my funds with the manual seed moving.. I guess I'll just move the funds from one node to the other and start from scratch on the new one


LN+ wrote 11 months ago

I think that’s prudent. 

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