LN+ asked about 2 years ago

How do I add a watchtower on Voltage?

I have an LN node running on Voltage.Cloud, and I wish to add a watchtower to it. How do I go about it?

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LN+ wrote about 2 years ago

  1. Within the Voltage dashboard go to your node's settings and enable 'Watchtower Client'. Save.
  2. After restarting unlock your node.
  3. Still within the dashboard go to Connect, go to LNCLI to get the instruction on how to connect to your node from your computer.
  4. The example has the getinfo command. To add the watchtower you will replace this command with wtclient add [WATCHTOWER_URL].
  5. You will receive an empty { } as a response, that's normal.
  6. You can verify if it was successful with the command wtclient tower [WATCHTOWER_PUBKEY]
  7. If successful you will receive the a json that includes "active_session_candidate": true

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