triangle shape over clouds



Triangle Shape Diagram

Triangle Capacity

10,000,000 SAT

10.0M SAT / 0.1 BTC

Spaces Available


All 3 spaces are filled

Channel Duration

2 months or more

Open at least till: January 29, 2023

Participant Restrictions

As reported in your profile, which updates every hour.


25 channels

Minimum number of channels


100,000,000 SAT

Minimum total channel capacity

Additional Rules

Trunk is building lightning liquidity for maximum payment reliability. To that end, we are searching for routing partners who are actively managing their nodes responsibly. Prior to joining the swap, please ensure that:

1. You do not already have a channel with the nodes you will peer with in this swap.

2. You intend to maintain 99% or greater uptime on your node.

3. You have a system in place to deactivate forwarding to us, raise your fees dramatically, or reduce your max_htlc when all of the liquidity is on our side.

4. You are contactable, either through here or by providing other contact information.


This is a Bitcoin Lightning Network liquidity swap agreement, designed to help LN node operators generate both outgoing and incoming liquidity, increase connectivity and decentralization of the network.

Agreement ID: 13182 was created on November 24, 2022 by Trunk.

What to Do Next?

This Swap is closed for applications. Please find another Swap, and sign in to join or start a new one.

Node A

Channel Open Reported



Applied 12 days ago and last seen about 9 hours ago.

Has ~57.325 BTC capacity in 184 channels.

Rank: 10 / Iridium Node.

Channel from A to B detected

Node B

Channel Open Reported



Applied 7 days ago and last seen about 21 hours ago.

Has ~2.368 BTC capacity in 47 channels.

Rank: 8 / Gold Node.

Channel from B to C detected

Node C

Channel Open Reported




Applied 7 days ago and last seen about 7 hours ago.

Has ~4.091 BTC capacity in 80 channels.

Rank: 8 / Gold Node.

Channel from C to A detected


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