triangle shape over clouds



Triangle Capacity

1,000,000 SAT

1.0M SAT / 0.01 BTC

Spaces Available


All 3 spaces are filled

Channel Duration

6 months or more

Open at least till: May 25, 2022


This is a Bitcoin Lightning Network liquidity swap, designed to help LN node operators generate both outgoing and incoming liquidity, increase connectivity and decentralization of the network.

Swap ID: 5081 was created on November 25, 2021 by CaveLightning.

What to Do Next?

This Swap is closed for applications. Please find another Swap, and sign in to join or start a new one.

Node A

Channel Opened

Applied 11 days ago and last seen 9 days ago.

Has 6,000,000 SAT capacity in 8 channels.

Rank: 2 / Iron Node.

A have opened to B

Node B

Channel Opened

Applied 11 days ago and last seen 8 days ago.

Has 58,274,156 SAT capacity in 40 channels.

Rank: 5 / Titanium Node.

B have opened to C

Node C

Channel Opened




Applied 10 days ago and last seen about 18 hours ago.

Has 35,750,000 SAT capacity in 21 channels.

Rank: 4 / Mercury Node.

C have opened to A



Saber wrote 10 days ago

@CRYPTOPUNK_YAYA I do not see any channels open or pending from you. did you open it to me?


Saber wrote 10 days ago

I am seeing it now. thanks.

CaveLightning wrote 10 days ago

The network is a bit congested, but the transaction is pending :)

CaveLightning wrote 9 days ago

I'm trying to rebalance, but from what I can read in the logs, the pathfinding often return suggestions with 7-9 hops (which gets rejected, since i'm setting a strict fee limit). This baffels me, the whole point of the triangle swap is that we connect to each other. I'm not sure why it does not find the 3 hop route immediately and then pushes the payment.


Saber wrote 9 days ago

same here. It doesn't find the path.

CaveLightning wrote 9 days ago

@Cryptopunk_yaya I found a tool to query routes. It seems like there is something wrong with the channel between you and @Saber

I also just checked Amboss and it says "This node has this channel disabled"

Could you check if everything is ok on your end?


Saber wrote 9 days ago

@CaveLightning what tool did you use? btw I am seeing the same thing:
"node1_policy": {
"time_lock_delta": 40,
"min_htlc": "1000",
"fee_base_msat": "1000",
"fee_rate_milli_msat": "1",
"disabled": true,
"max_htlc_msat": "990000000",
"last_update": 1637950682
@CRYPTOPUNK_YAYA would you please take a look?


Saber wrote 8 days ago

@CaveLightning I set my fees again, since he is not reponsive.

CRYPTOPUNK_YAYA wrote 8 days ago

My node is up. Do we need to set fees to zero? I’m away from home until tomorrow evening


Saber wrote 8 days ago

the channel you opened with me is disabled on your side.


Saber wrote 8 days ago

I just checked it and it is not disabled any more. but it is not working either. not sure why.


Saber wrote 7 days ago

I rebalanced. thanks guys.

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